Our Services

Services offered at the Community Triage Center (CTC), include short- term, Inpatient, Crisis Stabilization and Detoxification, for those who do not need acute hospitalization.

The Well Care Continuum of Care offers comprehensive programs and services to aid each person in reaching their highest potential; becoming an independent, fully-functioning member of the community.

Inpatient CTC Services

Medical Clearance

The CTC offers a medical clearance that is acceptable to referral for other group care facilities, after discharge, if the person is admitted to the CTC. If there is a need for a medical clearance and there has been no admission to the CTC, contact the Well Care Clinic, located at 850 Mill Street Suite 100 Reno, NV 89502. (775) 536-6700 for more information.

Crisis Stabilization

For those experiencing a Mental Health crisis, the CTC offers a period of observation and monitoring while keeping the person safe. Along with our Psychiatric Assessments, we can prescribe psychotropic medication and have them delivered through our pharmacy, and can monitor the person response over a few days to ensure optimum outcomes and reduce concern about side effects.

Therapy and support groups

The CTC offers groups provide by Licensed Clinicians. These discussions often related to their current situation, status and their need to explore past issues, especially those, which have, lead to the current need for treatment. This is followed by ongoing individual and group therapy, as part of outpatient after discharge.

Case Management

Well Care offers intensive Case Management and will provide a minimum of 30-days to all these services after discharge.

Medical Services

As a vital component of the care provided, all admissions will be seen by a Medical Practitioner within 12-hours of admissions and will be assessed for acute symptoms of chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure, along with other minor conditions. This, along with assessment of the vital signs every two-hours, provides for the medical focus on their care, and the ability to intervene as needed. As a medical facility, Well Care offers interventions, as required, while the program address their other chronic health conditions. For those that need to be addressed after discharge, they will be referred to the Well Care Primary Care clinic or other provider of their choosing

Medical Detoxification

Medication Assisted Treatment is available for those determined to be safe for this protocol, to aid in the symptoms of withdrawal. Medical staff attend to the needs of the patient and check vital signs to determine level of symptoms and need for medication. Following detoxification, a referral is made to a chemical dependency outpatient program either with Well Care or another provider agency.

Outpatient CTC Services

Psychiatric Care Services

For some people—especially those living with chronic conditions, such as depression, mood disorders, and schizophrenia, the support of a therapist may simply not be enough. At Well Care Services, our psychiatric care services provide assessments, individualized treatment plans and ongoing expert care for patients with a range of mental health conditions. Our integrated systems modality includes direct access to a multi-disciplinary team of professionals who work seamlessly to develop an appropriate treatment plan for each patient.

Case Management

Case management involves the collaborative process aimed at client wellness and autonomy through advocacy, assessment, planning, communication, education, resource management, and service facilitation. Its underlying premise lies in the belief that everyone benefits when clients reach their optimum level of wellness, management, and functional capability. As recognized experts in the care coordination team, case managers link clients with providers and resources within health and human services and therapeutic care settings. They ensure that the care being provided is safe, effective, timely, and centered on the client.


Well Care is committed to implementing solutions that prevent if not eliminate fragmented services for the patients that we serve. Our wrap around services include a short term housing component that is specifically designed for the purpose of transitioning our patients from an inpatient setting to the appropriate level of short term residential care, which allows our care management team a window of time to work with the patient in a sub–controlled environment to bring them to a place of stabilization. Within this window of time our efforts are focused on constructing the highest level of stability that will motivate the patient to begin working towards his/her long-term goals.


Well Care provides transportation services to our patients as a way of eliminating or minimizing transportation issues as reasons for missing critical physician, psychiatry and therapy appointments that are critical to obtain and maintain medical, psychological and behavioral balance.

Value Added Services

Well Care offers access to comprehensive services including Intensive Case Management, Transportation and Crisis and Transitional Supportive Housing.  For those who participate in the Well Care Services, including the CTC, our team will develop a plan with the person to aid in long-term success and stability.