Our Mission

To create innovative programs and solutions to improve access to comprehensive care for the underserved and reduce overall costs of hospitalizations and improve patient outcomes

The Well Care Difference


Improved monitoring with Intensive Case Management and following of participants after discharge for 30- days and beyond.

of Care

Reduces the fragmented system of care for this population.


Utilizes HMIS to aid in tracking services and monitoring the status of use of other resources.

Evidence Based Programs

Measurable outcomes will provide evidence of improvement in the management of this population.

Return on Investment

Return on Investment will be evident due to better management of this population and reducing the utilization of the jail and hospital systems.

Reduces ER Visits

Reduces ER overcrowding, unnecessary admissions and readmissions to hospitals which will mitigate costs.

Reduces Jail Visits

Arrests for CPC, (Civil Protective Custody) and other non-violent and nuisance complaints, will be reduced, saving law enforcement time and resources.


Creates better HOUSING options: HOUSING IS HEALTHCARE!

Resource Access

Connections to SOAR (SSI/SDI) and Medicaid enrollment.

Improved Outcomes

Increased access to services and housing; aids in independence and improved functioning.

Job Skills

Provides job training and resources; access to DMV and transportation.


Innovative programs to improve the continuity of care and ensure improved outcomes.


Provides increased access to provider networks

Our Success

Developed Hospital Readmission Reduction Program to improve the lives of the Medicaid and Medicare recipients in Southern Nevada.


Developed a comprehensive, integrated program to meet the needs of the Behavioral Health population, while increasing access to Primary Care services.